About WWF’s Earth Hour

When the lights switch off at 8.30pm on 28 March, it’s our planet’s time to shine…

Earth Hour is the world’s biggest celebration for our amazing planet, hundreds of millions of people from across the world coming together in a symbolic and spectacular light outs display.

It’s a brilliant reminder that together we can make change happen, and it gives us a chance to think about the small things we can do every day to help create a brighter future. So whether you reflect under the stars or celebrate by candlelight, it’s a moment to say you’ll do your bit to protect our planet – not just for one hour, but every day.

Because turning out the lights is just the beginning….

Whatever you’re doing for Earth Hour, you can watch the live updates here!

Why take part?


© naturepl.com / Bryan and Cherry Alexander / WWF

Because our brilliant planet needs you. In the UK alone, we’re consuming three times our fair share of the planet’s natural resources.




How you can get involved

Earth Hour sparkler celebrations

© WWF / ReRu

Together we have the power to make change happen. Sign up to WWF’s Earth Hour now. You’ll join hundreds of millions of people who care about protecting our brilliant world.

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