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Posted by WWF guest blogger — Jean Leston, head of transport policy

This week (27 Feb-2 Mar) is Anywhere Working Week. Anywhere Working is an initiative that encourages companies to work more flexibly and use technology to help reduce the environmental impact from their business travel and commuting. We support the initiative as part of our work on sustainable transport.

Now is a particularly good time for companies to be thinking about flexible alternatives to business travel, especially given the transport congestion likely during this summer’s Olympics, when London’s roads, trains and airports will be even busier than usual.

But using technology to avoid travel shouldn’t just be for the Olympics – it should be for life!

Have a look at the Anywhere Working website and get your company to give flexible working a chance. You can see how much time, money and carbon you’ll save as a result.

Working more flexibly to reduce carbon emissions is also a great ‘beyond the hour’ action that companies can take to support WWF’s Earth Hour.

Here at WWF we take flexible working seriously, whether it’s teleworking from home – which a lot of people here do at least once a week – or using videoconferencing to replace the need to fly to overseas meetings.

And once we move to our new Living Planet Centre HQ in Woking next year, we’ll be working even more flexibly, with a wide range of technologies in place to help us stay connected without having to travel. There won’t even be employee parking, which we hope will encourage greater use of public transport, as well as home working.

Through our One in Five Challenge programme, we’re also helping some of the UK’s top companies to work more flexibly and avoid flying in favour of lower-carbon alternatives, such as audio, web and videoconferencing.

Our Challengers have saved on average £1million, and 1,000 tonnes of CO2, by cutting 5,500 flights in one year. So it makes good business as well as environmental sense to use more technology to reduce business travel.

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