Be an Ocean Hero this Earth Hour

At 8.30pm on 28 March, hundreds of millions of people around the world will switch off their lights for Earth Hour in a spectacular and symbolic display to focus the world’s attention on our planet.

Do it for your ocean, share a #fishface selfie

Ahead of Earth Hour, we need YOU to share your #fishface and show you care about protecting our amazing oceans! Here’s how you can get involved:

1. Take a fish face selfie!


2. Tweet or share your selfie on Instagram using #fishface to support healthy oceans and sustainable fishing this #EarthHourUK


Here are some examples

I challenge @insertname to show their MSC #fishface for sustainable fishing & healthy oceans this #EarthHourUK!

Here’s my #fishface for healthy oceans this #EarthHourUK! I challenge @insertname @insertname”

“I nominate @insertname @insertname for the #fishface challenge! Will you be an #EarthHourUK ocean hero?”

 “I support sustainable fishing, let’s sea your MSC #fishface for #EarthHourUK @insertname @insertname”

3. Challenge your friends to do the same!

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Check out other people’s selfies here!

Then on 28 March, celebrate Earth Hour by enjoying a sustainable candlelit dinner – it’s the perfect time to pledge to choose MSC for the hour and beyond!

Sign up to be part of it

Are you a university student?

Be a #fishface student ambassador! Get your university involved by asking them to raise awareness of MSC and if they’re not already, to serve MSC certified seafood at your canteen. Simply email or and you’ll receive your free pack with everything you need to get other students and your university on-board including a poster, table-talker and drinks mats for your canteen, information pack and more!

Click here to open a downloadable information sheet: Student Information fishface Campaign

Earth Hour and our oceans

Our oceans support the greatest variety of life on earth, from microscopic plankton to the majestic blue whale, as well as providing hundreds of millions of people with livelihoods and food. But this fragile marine environment is already feeling the impacts of climate change with potentially catastrophic effects.

By making the right seafood choices, we can all help create healthy oceans which are better able to adapt to the effects of climate change. Simply choose the blue MSC ecolabel when shopping or dining out to make sure your seafood is sustainable.

Read more about how to make the right seafood choices.

You can also download cover photos for your Twitter and Facebook profiles to show your support!

Scroll through, click to enlarge and to download!

  • Facebook banner
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  • Twitter banner
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  • Facebook cover photo- or upload your own selfie!

Why choose MSC?

By making sure there are healthy fish stocks we can create healthy eco-systems that are better able to adapt to the effects of climate change. The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), co-founded by WWF in 1997, helps consumers make smart choices when buying seafood from fisheries that are managed responsibly. By making the right seafood choices, we can all play a part in helping create healthy oceans. Find out more at: