Councils hear call to protect forests

Thanks to pressure from WWF campaigners and Earth Hour supporters across the country 45 local UK councils have now made a pledge with WWF to help protect forests by improving the way they buy wood and paper.

Councils are big buyers of wood and paper – from timber for construction, to housing, to office paper. But many of them don’t check where it’s come from, which means they could be supporting illegal or unsustainable timber trade, which threatens forests and people in developing countries like Indonesia and Cameroon.

You can make a difference by choosing good wood too – look for the FSC logo when you’re buying paper, furniture, tissues, or anything that’s made from trees! Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified timber means the forest has been well-managed, and the timber is harvested legally and with respect for forests, people and wildlife.This year the public support for WWF-UK’s campaign is helping to change this by asking councils to help make sure the wood used in our UK communities is responsibly sourced – better for forests, people, and wildlife. Has your council made a pledge yet?

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