Do The Green Thing launches poster countdown for Earth Hour

As WWF’s Earth Hour approaches, environmental charity Do The Green Thing are releasing a collection of 23 posters to help inspire people to take green action.

23 top creatives, including the man behind the London 2012 Olympics logo – Patrick Cox, have used their talents to produce the posters.  Other world-renowned designers and writers such as Tom Uglow, a creative director at Google, Eddie Opara, Pentagram partner and one of Fast Company’s 100 most creative people in business, Sophie Thomas, Co-Head of Design at the RSA, and Dan Germain, Creative Director at Innocent have taken part in this inspiring project.

Do The Green Thing’s 23 Posters campaign will publish one poster a day, from March 1st up until Earth Hour on March 23rd to inspire people to join in and take simple green actions at home, school or work. Those actions include walking, cycling, eating a little less meat, switching off lights and appliances, and enjoying a jumper or a hug instead of turning up the heating.

Follow the release of the posters on Do The Green Thing

WWF spokeswoman Winnie De’Ath, said:

WWF’s Earth Hour 2012 saw hundreds of millions of people across 152 countries and territories join together to celebrate their commitment to the planet – showing us what’s possible when we all connect behind a common cause. It is great to see the creative community spreading the word – helping us all to ‘do the green thing’.

Do The Green Thing draws on a worldwide network of designers, directors, actors, musicians, illustrators and animators to create their inspiration. Their campaigns have reached over 11 million people in 209 countries and inspired subscribers to save more than 2.5 times the CO2 that they otherwise would have.

Naresh Ramchandani, co-founder of the award-winning charity with Andy Hobsbawm and partner at international design studio Pentagram, said:

“Creativity is a powerful tool, able to inspire, seduce, provoke and persuade people to do things that they otherwise would not have considered. That’s why Do The Green Thing uses creativity to inspire people to be greener. We’re applying one of the most powerful tools we know to the biggest problem we’ve got.”

So be inspired, provoked or persuaded by the witty and pretty artwork you can discover every day running up to Earth Hour via Do The Green Thing.

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    Good stuff. Keep it up.

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    These posters are amazing!!

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    So cool

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