What better excuse to
party this Earth Hour
than saving the planet?

19th March 8:30pm #EarthHourUK

How to Why to Donate

How to - get your dinner party started

Earth Hour might be over until 2017, but it’s never too late to support our vital work. Go beyond the hour and host a candlelit fundraiser and help us protect our brilliant planet from threats such as climate change. Our candlelit dinner kit will give you a helping hand!

Three easy ways to fundraise

  • Create a JustGiving page so your guests can donate online before, during or after your party! Add my party to JustGiving
  • Ask your party goers to text CANDLE to 70123 to make a one off donation of £3*
  • Collect cash on the night and either pay in online below or send it in the post with our paying in form

You will be charged £3, plus one message at your standard network rate. WWF will receive 100%. If you wish to discuss this mobile payment call 0203 282 7863. Registered charity number 1081247. We will contact you by phone and SMS to tell you more about our work and how you can be part of it. If you do not wish to be contacted, text NOCOMMS WWF to 70060.

Candle lit dinner table

Why to – raise funds for our brilliant planet!

Every 2 seconds we lose an area of forest the size of a football pitch

Documenting sustainable lifestyles and WWF projects in Tanzania, East Africa

£10 could buy 40 seedlings to replant forests in Tanzania


On average, 3 rhinos a day are poached in South Africa alone

£25 could pay for 70 metres of wire fencing around a rhino sanctuary to help protect rhinos from poachers


1 in 6 species are at risk of extinction due to climate change

Polar bear female and her two cubs on an iceberg, Canada

£45 could help pay for the tagging of one polar bear – so we can monitor how it is affected by climate change


There are currently as few as 3,200 tigers left in the wild

Siberian tiger

£60 could pay for 1 day’s training for an anti-poaching sniffer dog used in the fight against illegal wildlife trade


There are only 880 mountain gorillas left in central Africa

£120 could buy a year’s worth of equipment for a ranger protecting mountain gorillas in the Virunga Mountains