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Beyond the hour

NASA---MID_239139Earth Hour is not just about the hour, it’s about showing you care about the future of our brilliant planet. Now is your chance to start taking positive steps to reduce our impact on the planet – not just for one hour, but every day.

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Edinburgh celebrates Earth Hour.

We all have a part to play in looking after our planet, so the more people that show their support, the more power we will have to make change happen.

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What did you do in the dark?

Share what you got up to on the night to inspire others to re-create their own Earth Hour experience.

Why not browse through our list of 60 things to do in the dark, or download our events pack for some inspiration!

Catch up on Earth Hour LIVE!

Earth Hour LIVE!Check out our Earth Hour Live Video from our on-the-night celebration. It features switch offs from London and across the world and a sparkling performance from Sophie Ellis-Bextor!


Enjoy our ‘Just So’ stories in the dark

A little taste of our exclusive Just So stories audio-bookHow about tuning in to your favourite childhood stories with our exclusive Earth Hour audio book?

WWF-UK ambassadors Kevin McCloud, Alistair McGowan and Miranda Richardson have recorded a few of the much loved ‘Just So’ stories by Rudyard Kipling. Sign up and check them out here.

  • Thorn83

    The time and date should be on the Home page – I still can’t find the time!

    • Claire

      Hi there

      Earth Hour will be at 8.30pm on 31 March. It is in the banner on the homepage already, but we’ve added it to the signup area on every page now.

      Thanks for the feedback!
      Claire (Earth Hour team)

    • Claire Lowe

      Hi there

      Earth Hour is at 8.30pm on 31 March this year. It’s on the homepage banner but we’ve now added it to every page of the site.

      Thanks for the Feedback!
      Claire (Earth Hour team)

  • Barmaidsar

    hay i work in a local fotel and im looking for some ideas on what we can do any ideas would b great! x

    • Claire Lowe

      Hi Barmaidsar

      You could include a Livewell dish in your menu the week before, the whole of March or even forever!

      On the night, you could organise a candlelit dinner party or an unplugged music jam or even a board game championship? Make sure you communicate all that you’re planning to send a message of positive change to your customers and staff – even ask them for ideas.

      Have a look at our Plan a night to remember section and consider taking part in our Community competition where you could win £1000 to put on an amazing Earth hour event.

      Please also try and go beyond the hour by making sure you use FSC paper and wood, changing your light bulbs to energy efficient one’s.

      Hope that helps and enjoy your Earth Hour!

      Claire (Earth Hour team)

  • canadian

    it would be kinda nice if those of us who ARENT uk could sign up…we Canadians would also like to be involved!

    • Claire Lowe

      Hi there Canadian – you can sign up to the global campaign here

      Claire (Earth Hour team)

  • Rab_H

    Hi i would like to get my office involved in this years Earth Hour, but like a lot of places the office is only open monday to friday 9-5. Is there anything we could do during working hours?

    • Jennifer

      HI Rab, It would be great to have your office involved and there are all sorts of activities that can be planned during work hours, like organising a sustainable lunch day or ride to work day, as well as encouraging all of your staff to switch off at home on 31 March. Please see for tips and ideas on how you and your colleagues can get involved.

  • Nj_oconnor

    Hi, I want to get teachers and students involved in earth hour. Do I get sponsored or is it helping just by me turning my lights of for said duration on 31st March?

    • Jennifer Crago, WWF

      NJ, we would be delighted for you to get teachers and students involved in Earth Hour. We have a designated web page for schools where you can find various resources. When you register your shool, using the link shown on the web page, you will be sent:
      ■ A support pack
      ■ A climate change information pack
      ■ Ideas to help you promote your activities to your local press

      It is absolutely about so much more than switching off. We look forward to having you involved.

  • Izzy

    I am away on holiday that Saturday and will be driving for most of it, not getting to destination until around 10pm is there anything else I can do such as do it on a different day or something like that?

    • Earth Hour 2012

      Have you thought about using public transport instead of driving in your personal car?

  • Population Matters

    Great idea! But remember, this helps sustainability for an hour. Having a smaller family helps sustainability for ever.

  • Eddrob

    Hi I am already doing my bit by having had solar panels fitted to my roof, saving half the power I used to use

    • Jennifer Crago, WWF

      Fantastic news Eddrob, WWF’s Earth Hour is so much more than just an hour, it’s also a reminder that we need to look after our planet all year round, and it sounds like you’re already doing well. Take a look at our video, and other tips, for what to do beyond the hour.

    • Jennifer Crago, WWF

      That’s brilliant Eddrob, WWF’s Earth Hour is so much more than just an hour. It’s also a reminder that we need to look after our planet all year round, which it sounds like you’re doing. Why not take a look at what some of WWF’s staff are planning for beyond the hour here:

  • Robert Gillespie

    This welcome initiative helps sustainability for an hour. Having a
    smaller family helps sustainability for ever.
    from Robert Gillespie who has given you a lot of money in the past, but is distressed that you continue to refuse to tackle human over-population in your work across the planet – the connection with poverty and large families in a finite world is glaringly obvious – it is cowardly not to help people understand this as they erode their own means of staying alive.

    • Stuart, Supporter Care at WWF

      Hi Robert

      Thanks for raising a very important point. WWF-UK believes that our urgent global priority is to look for ways for all sectors of the expanding population to consume resources more efficiently and equitably in order to provide for all species within the Earth’s capacity. This is where we believe we can make the most impact on reducing our ecological footprint. And, given that poverty is an important driver of population growth, more efficient use and equitable distribution of resources will have a beneficial effect on both the population and consumption dimensions of environmental impact.

      WWF are eager to work towards ensuring that we have a planet where people and nature thrive. WWF’s Earth Hour is not to save an hour’s electricity. It’s something much bigger. It is about people coming together to put the focus on this brilliant world we all share – and how we need to protect it. Not just for an hour a year, but every day. Because a healthy planet isn’t just good for polar bears or tropical tree frogs. It’s essential for us all. Thanks for your support in all of the work that we do, we hope that it will continue.

      Stuart at WWF Supporter Care


        You are right, lets view Earth Hour ss just the start of a new beginning. Why not check out the latest energy efficient LED bulbs – particularly bathroom GU10/MR16 50W which could be soft-tone 7W and just as nice – yes, save 43W per bulb!! 86% saving in energy cost every hour, every day more than justifies the initial outlay and the bulbs last many years longer. You can also sign up to a 100% renewable energy tariff that guarantees whatever you consume on your bill in units will be generated from a clean source and put into the National Grid from that supplier, thereby reducing our dependence on burning coal, gas etc. By using your electricity bill to vote for what you believe in, power companies will be forced to source more energy from clean sources, which reduces the amount coming from burning coal. With everybody doing a little bit, it makes a huge difference. Did you know that 1/3 of all pollution in the UK comes from the traditional electricity we consume in our homes from power stations? So take the biggest steps 1. Switch Off 2. Cut consumption with the right bulbs 3. Ensure your electricity is coming from the right source! Thanks, William Worthington, Energy Champion,

  • Earth Hour 2012

    You heard here first ladies… if you are really split between going for that dream job or becoming a nun… think about the planet… abstain for life!

    • Jennifer Crago, WWF

      Thanks for being active and commenting on our Earth Hour website. Would you mind changing your profile name as it might appear to our supporters that you are responding officially from WWF and could get confusing.

      Much appreciated!

  • robert

    What i would really like to see is, the ENTIRE POWER GRID ( SHUT DOWN ) for the hour aswell no street lights on at all, but then that would never happen, would it.

    • Jennifer Crago, WWF

      Thanks for your comment Robert. Wouldn’t that be nice! However we here in the WWF Earth Hour team are delighted with the number of Local Authorities, businesses (including some energy suppliers), communities and people who have signed up to switch off for Earth Hour on Saturday night at 8.30pm. Take a look at what is happening all over the UK

    • Paul601

      I asked for street lighting in Belfast to be turned off for Earth Hour 2012 but was told the lights are more of a safety thing.

    • Nickie

      Let’s hope no one is on life support then if that happens.

  • Bijay Hitan

    I am doing an hour show in BFBS Gurkha Radio this Saturday. This is third year running and I hope more and more serving and retired Gurkha soldiers and their families, and other Neplalese living in the UK and around the world are being made aware about the Earth Hour.

    • Jennifer Crago, WWF

      Wow, that sounds fantastic Bijay. We love hearing stories of all the exciting activities people have planned for the night and beyond the hour.

  • simon demaline

    HELLO , im simon i get a coffey every day with the little green frog on it when i go the to get a paper , get more coffey machenes around the uk !!!!!

  • Oscar Rousseau

    I am a Journalism student at Westminster University.
    I will be filming Earth Hour as part of my video journalism project.
    Is there anyone in London who would be willing to speak about what they are doing for Earth Hour?

    • Jennifer Crago, WWF

      Thanks Oscar, I have sent an email to you with some details which should help you. Please do let us know if this is of interest.

    • Pat Morris, Monmouth

      Only turning all the lights off, same as last year. Raphael has just climbed out of the bedroom window and walked across a flat roof to access the security light – covered it with a towel so that any cats on our patio do not set it off.

      Have a great evening.

      Pat and grandson Raphael

  • izzy

    i really would like these trees to be saved i dont think pople relise how much the wwf do to save these poor animals im joining them

    • Jennifer Crago, WWF

      Thanks for your support Izzy, the ultimate goal of WWF has always been “people living in harmony with nature” – so we’re about respecting and valuing the natural world and finding ways to share the Earth’s resources fairly.

  • Angelina Riabi


  • simon demaline

    more coffey machines in uk , with this green frog !!! must be , the way to go ,,, most motoway service stations , have them around uk . target garrages , so wwf can coin it in ,,, MaCdonalds , is the next Target ,,WWF get MaCdonalds to help ,, or other BIG companys we NEED an EVERY ONE PULL S TOGEATHER

  • simon demaline


  • simon demaline

    TREE PLanting World wide EVERY ONE !! we want the world to do it !!!!! Africa , WWF GET EM PLANTING EM WORLD WIDE

  • simon demaline

    I LOVE this Anur jaguar , iv paid 12 month , id love to know wats happening out there have we , droped off some yaks or food for them , the program on bbc1 was grate about tigers , recentley , in INDIA it was OUTstanding Moutains ware the tiger lives ,,,,,, the Tiger is in Danger , this program was Grate best of luck WWF

  • Eva

    It’s a great shame that some people didn’t take part…
    There’s a hospital been build up opposite me in Finchley n12 and they keep the lights on every night in and out of the building.
    Personally it’s a disgrace as no one is there at night…a complete waste!!

    • Jennifer Crago, WWF

      Thanks for your support Eva, we were delighted with the number of people, businesses and landmarks who took part in switching off all non essential lighting. Sounds like your local hospital needed to consider Health & Safety during their building work so were unable to take part on this occasion.

  • simon demaline

    ITS THE OTHERS we need to get intrested ,,, we are doing our bit ,,, wat bout russia,,,or CHINA is a very difficult prob , isnt it maybe the ANGLE we need to POINT OUT TO CHIANA IS there is only one EARTH !!! DONT KILL EVERY THING

  • Sayandeep Chandra

    i would like to see that all people become aware about the harmful use of plastic and using paper bags as well as donate money to save vulnerable animals.

  • Tamsin

    I think it’s important for people to use Earth Hour as a reminder that we usually use electricity a lot more than we really need, and to keep up the habit of switching off lights whenever they’re not really necessary.

  • 10eshaw

    I will cycle to school for 1 month to save energy

  • Emily

    I’m only 11 so I’m too young to sign up to give money myself but i love the world and I really want to help it which is what I’m planning to do in the future. I’m going to make some posters to encourage people to help the world. Please save the world for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. The world wasn’t made to be trashed with litter, global warming and exctint species. It was made to live on. Please give to wwf.

    • Jasmine

      I so agree with you emily i am only 12 and i really want to help donate and save our planet.

  • Antonia McGall

    A great idea, it’s really got my 8 year old inspired, she’s going to lobby her school to take part. It’s a shame the website’s so difficult to navigate, we’re getting quite frustrated trying to find our way round it. Is there a kids site?


      Hi Antonia, thanks for your support and wonderful to hear about your daughter getting involved! There isn’t a website for kids at the moment but our schools team would be happy to help if you need any resources – if you drop us an email at: one of our team will be in touch.

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  • Fizzy

    My Mum’s village got the council to switch off their street lights EVERY NIGHT at 10pm. Good eh?!

    • Jasmine

      Thats brilliant i wish our council around here would do that!!!

      • Karen Naylor

        there are stretches of the parkways in peterborough that have no lighting….. i think it is more of a cost saving exercise than for supporting wwf unfortunately x

  • Jasmine

    IS THERE ANY ONE IN SUFFOLK OR ESSEX JOINING IN ?!!! I am going to turn the lights of for the hour as well as watch animal programmes( like RSPCA rescue programme) most would probs be on animal planet!

  • Jasmine

    my family always use reusable carrier bags as plastic carrier bags dont help the enviroment.

  • Cat McAlister

    I saw an advert for Earth Hour in Barcelona on a huge LCD screen – uses a lot of energy. Kinda missing the point WWF. Just like encouraging greater use of mobile phones and their networks (related earth hour free minutes offer) results in a greater use of energy too. I think that WWF needs to rethink their own sustainability policy.

  • Rose


  • Charly

    Hi I’m 12 and I wish I could do more to help but I can’t donate what is the best thing I could do to help.

    • Stuart, Supporter Care at WWF

      Hi Charly

      It’s fantastic to hear that you’d like to do more to support
      our work.

      There’s loads of things you can do to help – from making small
      changes to the way you live to organising your very own fundraising event. Have a look here for some ideas and useful
      things you can use to get started: and

      Of course, we’ll be happy to help you with anything you do
      so get in touch with our Supporter Services team at supportercare @ with any questions you may have.

      Thanks for all your amazing support, Charly!

  • Denise Baker-McClearn

    I am hosting a candle lit supper club for Earth Hour. supper club is called Moel Faban Supper Club and I was recently listed as one of the top 5 in the UK….I am also a food writer/blogger and local ‘celebrity’ chef….Hopefully we will get lots of people wanting to join us at the event which will take place in an old laundry and drying room on the Vaynol Estate in Bangor….tucked away in the woods there.

    • WWFJC

      Brilliant! Be sure to send us in any photos :) Thanks for your support Denise.

  • Maria

    Blooming stupid

  • Maria

    Hey guys guess what this earth hour is really good actually I fact u know what I wish I could see wff in real life

  • Wendy Gulley

    Hopefully this will be the last year we have to turn off the electric because we will have the FREE clean energy devices we were always meant to have. Demand FULL DISCLOSURE and lets really save the planet..

  • Dave

    Small candle burning in Dalry Ayrshire. X

  • carol

    I decided to change my pension funds from stocks, bonds into trees and had 3, 000 planted in costa rica, the plantation also helps provide work food for the locals, Ethical Forestry