60 Things To Do In The Dark

It’s not too late! Hold your own Earth Hour event and have some fun doing it in the dark…

Go beyond the hour and take part in your own Earth Hour activities to remind yourself and your friends and family the importance of living a greener lifestyle. We’ve thought of 60 fun things you can do in the dark - here’s a few to get you started:

No 10. Go stargazing!

Why not teach your children a star constellation (e.g. Orion)? Check out this handy stargazing pack.

No 11. A cloudy night? Then bring the stars indoors…

Try and recreate a starry night inside – get creative! (Whether shining torches onto the ceiling or creating your own stars).

No 18.  Try an al-fresco picnic or dinner under the stars.                 

Wrap up warm and enjoy a picnic under the night sky or add a twist and do it indoors!

P.S. We love this funny video from WWF Wales featuring comedian Dan Mitchell on things NOT to do in the dark…

  • Mihnea Damian

    What about tantric sex that lasts beyond the hour?

  • Shaw

    Not sure about the promotion of people buying new onesies for the hour. And this isn’t me being old-fashioned against onesies – it would apply to anyone buying extra stuff just for this hour.

    Would you please provide an analysis of how much energy it takes for a onesie to be made and sent to the buyer, compared with the energy saved by switching my lights off for one hour?

    • Smith

      I think the purpose of the list is to inspire ideas and generate conversation – not to purchase onesies.

    • 57eka

      You wouldn’t buy something you don’t already have, the onesie party was just and idea….last year I just laid on the bed, relaxed my body and let my mind wander….I slept better that night than I had done for months..

    • EdWWF

      Hi Shaw, 57eka is right, we’re not suggesting buying onesies specially for Earth Hour! An analysis is unfortunately not possible. Switching off lights is as much about supporting the need to protect the future of our planet than reducing bills.

  • Marion Magee

    Most people already have onesies and it is to add a fun factor for younger children.Especially if they have animal onsesies>Also they are warm and with no heating for an hour people might just be glad off them to wear.Raise awareness talking about animals they are dressed as or related to,how warm they are so if you are wearing them you maybe can reduce your heating or turn it off more often .


    Thanks for all your comments. Having a onesie party is just one idea of how you can have fun this Earth Hour but remember it’s completely up to you how you celebrate. Why not try one of the other ideas or share your own #doitinthedark activity. Marion we love your suggestions!

    • Amazon_Chainsaw_Masacre

      Shareen your looking a little pale on your profile picture and your eyes are blac, perhaps get some sleep?

  • suzane

    i am going to be listening to music and singing in the dark :)

  • GalDriver

    Look at the stars either through a telescope or with the naked eye. Memorise the ones you don’t know and look them up afterwards or by torchlight. No light pollution from you own house. Bonus!

  • Eddies

    I’m going to be talking to my family in the DARK!!!!!!!!!

  • meridian obsvr, louth

    As ‘galdriver’ says here and Mark Twain, Tennyson, many others and ME: lie back and look at the stars — no sparklers, no candles, no bonfires… merely common sense!

    • Lotte

      But it’s snowing isn’t it? But nice idea :)

  • Rick Assessment


    I do hope people are sensible so that no one gets hurt and no houses burn down tomorrow night.


  • http://www.facebook.com/amelia.capp Amelia Capp

    Im at a bit of a loss as to what to do as i am limit to choices being my age (15) and that fact that im the only one in my household actually taking part… I think im limted to listening to muisc

    • caz

      Well done Amelia for taking part. Be very proud of yourself and enjoy your music. X

    • Tiff

      Why not try and get your family to join in with you? You could have a late dinner and have it in candle light. Ask your mum to have it all ready by 8:20 and then you can switch the lights off when you’re eating it? Or why not play a board game in candle light. :) Good luck

    • Look out rainforest!

      Your family arn’t taking part!?
      Good on them!

  • Leeanne

    Me and my husband are going to enjoy a glass of wine and a acatch up since he has bn busy at work today. :)

  • caz

    Having a romantic chat with candle light. Long overdue and enjoying it. Think we might make it a regular thing! Thank you earth hour.

  • http://twitter.com/TurnLymeGreen Turn Lyme Green

    Extending the hour and enjoying the dark.

  • john smith

    What a load of B*******************s

  • Patti

    I had a onesie/pyjama party and we had a quiz and treasure hunt by torchlight. It was great fun – great food too in candlelight.

  • RussellJohnson

    @SBrownWWF:disqus thanks to the Earth hour my life is ruined! I was quite a successful doctor with my own practise until I decided to take part in the Earth Hour. I posted on my wall that I was participating in the event and moments later I began receiving abuse from the whole town who believed that I would be operating without the use of lights and since it is almost always dark here Nebraska it became quite serious. I have lost all my business and my medical license for ‘intentional misconduct in the workplace’ and as I write this I am trying to catch a lift to Mexico where I will try to become a carpet salesman and live out the rest of my days watching the Deal or No deal box set i managed to hide from the bailiffs. So again thanks for ruining my life Earth Hour and for the record now I don’t have any lights to switch off!

  • http://www.plexkits.com/ Rick B

    No 61. Get your cat to join in on Earth Hour :)

    • WWFJC

      Brilliant! Would you be happy for us to share this?

      • http://www.plexkits.com/ Rick B

        of course!! :)

  • Alexia

    The time has come as I am the only one in my intire neighbourhood(I think) that is joining in with earth hour shame on you if your not.