60 Things To Do In The Dark – the full list

Need ideas on how to celebrate Earth Hour? Take a look at our list of 60 fun things you can do in the dark!

  1. Tell scary stories under torchlight
  2. Pretend your torch is a lightsaber and use the force!
  3. Paint your face as your favourite animal. Why not pick one of the amazing species in the Mara – from cheetahs to crocs!
  4. Make a shadow or sock puppet and put on a show (use Cerrado play for inspiration)
  5. Take a power nap and get some sleep
  6. Indulge in a candlelit bath (you could even share it with your favourite person)
  7. Play hide-and-seek or sardines in the dark
  8. Go for a nature walk and see what night-time wildlife you can spot
  9. Pull some seriously funny faces (and give it that Earth Hour twist with some torch uplighting)
  10. Go stargazing – why not teach your children a star constellation (e.g. Orion)
  11. A cloudy night? Then bring the stars indoors! Try and recreate a starry night inside – get creative! (Whether shining torches onto the ceiling or creating your own stars)
  12. Hold a candlelit dinner party with your friends – you could ask for a small contribution to help raise funds. And what better time to try one of our Earth Hour sustainable recipes
  13. A twist on dinner time with a fun indoor picnic
  14. Curl up with a book
  15. Make a wish upon a star for a brighter future! What would your wish for our brilliant planet be?
  16. Play some old fashioned board-games like scrabble, Pictionary or Cluedo
  17. Unplug any appliances that you’re not using and make a fun sticker for your plugs to remind you to unplug everyday
  18. Try an al-fresco picnic or dinner under the stars
  19. Make an Earth Hour resolution! Pledge one thing to live more sustainably
  20. Break out the glow sticks and have a mini rave
  21. Have a bonfire with friends and family under the stars – or recreate indoors by toasting marshmallows by candlelight
  22. Write a dazzling message and draw stars with sparklers
  23. Have a snuggle with a cuppa
  24. Revamp the silent disco and try a blindfolded disco (watch your elbows)
  25. Taste session in the dark with some exotic food – why not try a taste of Kenya to celebrate our conservation work in the Mara
  26. Try some nature inspired Yoga poses – try the crocodile or if you’re a pro do the monkey!
  27. Read your favourite story to the little ones (or listen to our special Just So celebrity narrated stories)
  28. Write a poem inspired by nature and stars
  29. Do an experiment – shine your torch on one of eyes and then switch it out. Open both eyes and learn about ‘night sight’
  30. Watch your favourite Attenborough nature show
  31. Improve your low light photography skills and take snaps of your candlelit evening, wildlife or the stars and share them with us. No camera? No problem – use a phone or tablet.
  32. Make some animal sounds and guess the creature
  33. Art in the dark – see what masterpiece you end up with
  34. Go to the pub and hijack the weekly pub quiz – why not test your animal or wildlife knowledge!
  35. Go on a night cycle (but be safe)
  36. Have a candlelit street party under the stars
  37. Play truth or dare or if you’re feeling brave…in the dark spin the bottle
  38. Make your own lanterns (using old jam jars)
  39. Have a sensory party – find out who has the best senses by seeing what you can taste, touch, feel and hear in the dark!
  40. Play wink murder by candlelight
  41. Hold a night-time dance class or make up a routine
  42. Make your favourite cocktails or have a wine tasting night
  43. Build a den for your children (or you)
  44. Go camping in your back garden under the stars
  45. Go for a moonlit walk along the beach (and if you’re brave go skinny dipping)
  46. Play poker, UNO or go fish and donate your winnings
  47. Dress up in your brightest clothes – fluorescent fancy dress
  48. Get your sparkle on and do a twinkly themed party (glitter optional!)
  49. Call or visit someone you’ve been meaning to catch-up with and enjoy an hour of quality time
  50. Why not plan a book club
  51. Hold a onesie party with your friends!
  52. Listen to an Earth Hour themed Spotify playlist – or make your own playlist with tunes linked to nature or stars!
  53. Go for a ghost walk in your local haunted place
  54. Making a clock run on potato power!
  55. Go to your favourite view spot in your town / city / London to see the switch offs
  56. Take our footprint calculator challenge and see how many planets you need to sustain your current lifestyle
  57. Play an instrument in the dark or get together with friends and have an acoustic jam – you can be the star of the show!
  58. Wash your hair with 100% natural shampoo
  59. Get crafting and upcycle something – it’s fun and you’ll create something you can use!
  60. Make a shoe box safari and learn about the amazing animals of the Mara
  • Robert Bateman

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      • Panda_Hunter

        Nothing says fun like washing with shampoo, wierdo.


      Hi Robert, sorry to hear you don’t like them! We’d love to know if you have any ideas of how to celebrate in the dark…we may even be able to add to our list :)

  • rob

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  • rob

    I getting my local town to keep all of our lights ON! to make up for you lot turning all your’s off ya faggots haha!

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  • Greg

    Id write down 60 reasons for why i want the power back on

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  • Katie Ellen Sinfield

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  • Yu Seung

    42. will be great

  • Ramya Chinthapally

    How are you supposed to do 30 without any electricity? I’ve always done earth hour with my phone switched off, are your rules only for lights? I think that defeats the purpose…

    • http://www.wwf.org.uk Stuart, Supporter Care at WWF

      Hi Ramya. We ask our supporters to switch off their lights
      as a symbolic display to show they want to help protect our brilliant planet,
      rather than as an energy saving exercise.
      But, lots of our supporters choose to switch off other appliances like
      TVs and radios as well and enjoy the hour by doing activities such as reading a
      book or playing a board game by candlelight.