School stories 2014

Posters and wishing stars created by Goldsworth Primary school pupils during WWF-UK Schools Earth Hour workshop at the Living Planet Centre, Woking.Find out what schools across the UK are doing to celebrate WWF’s Earth Hour. If you would like to tell your story, email and we will send you a certificate to reward your efforts and you might get a little message from us too!

Settle College are planning to celebrate Earth Hour during their tutorial time where students can promise an action which will help our planet.

The Queen’s School will be celebrating Earth Hour by having a stargazing sleepover at school. They will be making a wish and being a star before going outside to look at the night sky. We hope the sky is clear for you!

Whyteleafe School join us every year and their hardworking eco committee will give an Earth Hour assembly. Then the whole school will be doing work in class. Key Stage 2 will be researching Earth Hour and producing posters and PowerPoints. The whole school will be making stars and making animal constellations. Let’s hope they do a panda!

Stakesby Community Primary School in Whitby are planning a  Key Stage 2 curriculum celebration day when we will incorporate a range of Earth Hour activities and invite parents in too.

Little Bowden Primary School are holding having a whole school assembly, followed up with research to help all pupils produce a star with a wish for our planet. We will also be holding a non uniform day with all proceeds being donated to WWF. Thank you Little Bowden!

Trinity Primary School will be celebrating Earth Hour by switching off their lights for one hour and also plan to dress in something bright or sparkly!

St Mary’s Shaftesbury have a very special Earth Hour planned… in Iceland! 25 of their geography students will be making/naming their own constellations as they sit out at night under the Icelandic skies. Sounds AMAZING!

St Bartholomew’s C Of E Primary School in Haslemere are planning a wear it bright mufti day to celebrate Earth Hour. Staff and children will be encouraged to make a donation (proceeds going to WWF) for the privilege of wearing their bright clothes and there are prizes for the brightest costumes! The green team will lead assembles and all classrooms will have a no electricity policy for the day! Fantastic St Barts – thank you!

Crownfield Infant School are planning to celebrate Earth Hour by making a wish on a star and creating a animal constellation shape.

At Wragby Primary School they are planning to have a ‘wear bling to school’ day. They plan to collect donations, hold a school assembly and each teacher will be teaching a lesson during the day without electricity!

Our Holy Redeemer Primary are holding an eco action day to celebrate Earth Hour. Each pupil will take part in a ‘wear it shiny or bright’ non uniform day and will hold their own Earth Hour where they will turn off all power and not use any paper! In the afternoon the whole school will be undertaking in a Eco Golden time where they will create eco crafts such as birdfeeders from toilet rolls and making playdough earths showing the core structure of the earth. Parents will be encouraged to get involved and they already have displays around the school. Sounds so much fun!

Cavendish Junior School in Chesterfield have big plans this Earth Hour with a series of events including switching off as much electricity as they can for one hour, holding a “Cavo’s Got Talent” show, and having a non-uniform day and dressing up as stars!

Gonerby Hill Foot Primary School will be switching the school lights off and dressing up in something bright to raise funds for WWF – thank you!

Milbourne Lodge School will be celebrating Earth Hour through creating an interactive image which will allow their pupils to make online pledges. They have also created a blog to celebrate Earth Hour.

The school council and eco team at Queen Boudica Primary School in Colchester are busy preparing for Earth Hour. They are working together to organise an assembly to raise awareness. The assembly will be held by torchlight and following this, all lights, computers, whiteboards will be turned off for an hour! Keep up the good work.

St. Peter’s First School in Williton, Nr Taunton will be celebrating Earth Hour once again and helping us raise awareness of how important our planet is.  They plan to come to school wearing something  bright, shiny or sparkly and each class will be making their own constellation using the ‘wish upon a star’ outline. They have invited their local press in to take a photograph of their celebrations.

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School in Richmond have recently reformed their school’s Eco-Committee and their first project to launch to the school will be the WWF Earth Hour.  Posters are going up around the school in the week before 29th March, and the star template will be given to every pupil and staff member to write their hopes for the future.  A collection of the stars by the pupils and staff will be used to create our animal shaped star constellation on the new Eco-Committee noticeboard. The big switch-off on Saturday 29th March will be highlighted in our school weekly newsletter to encourage families to take part.

Brimscombe CoE Primary School in Stroud will be using the Earth Hour resources to raise awareness and have an Earth Hour assembly planned. They also want to have a night sky watch during Earth Hour on their school playing field. They will be contacting their neighbours to ask them to dim their lights [and telling them why] so they can have a darker sky. Hope the clouds stay away, sounds amazing!

Alexander Junior School in Hounslow plan to hold their Earth Hour on Friday 28th March. They also plan an assembly and will also encourage parents to take part via their weekly newsletter.

Pilmuir Primary School in Forres, Moray are planning to complete stars with their wishes on them and then make animal constellations on the ceiling. They are also going to find out more about endangered species.

Hawthorns Primary School are joining Earth Hour again this year. They plan an assembly to raise awareness showing the PowerPoint. When the pupils leave the assembly, all the electrical items and lights will be turned off for an hour.

Auchtertool Primary School are taking part for the first time this year, having been encouraged by Dunfermline High School. They are having an eco/health focus week in school and will be switching off the lights and PCs etc for an hour to raise awareness.  They will also be making stars with our wishes for the Earth too.

The Beacon School in Banstead, Surrey are planning to have a ‘switch off’ across school in all classrooms and offices. They will be having assemblies during the week and completing some of the resources (make a wish and endangered animal fact files) with students in lessons.

Wallacewell Primary School will be holding an Earth Hour assembly for the whole school and decorating the hall with the stars for our wishes for the planet.

Cawston VC Primary School in Cawston are planning to bring awareness of Earth Hour by running: an assembly to raise issues; circletimes to discuss the importance of world resources; children to learn about endangered species and producing an animation making of storyboard to tell story of deforestation of habitats.

Wallyford Primary School, East Lothian, have organised a ‘turn off your light switch’ competition in school where the children design a plate to be placed around all school light switches. They are creating a Wallyford Star Wish Wall with all their wishes for the planet. The school plans its own Earth Hour Day where all the electricity in the school will be turned off for an hour. Children will wear bright and sparkly clothes and help raise money for Earth Hour. During that time children will be creative about their wishes and demonstrate these in a way of their choice within their classrooms.  This will be followed by an assembly to announce their competition winners, read out some of the wishes and promote the actual Earth Hour the following day.

At Glengowan Primary School  in Larkhall pupils are bringing in £1 to wear something shiny or bright and “Shine Bright” to raise money for WWF. Each class is also going to make a wish for the planet and put it on a star for display. Everyone will also be encouraged to take part in Earth Hour. Many thanks to everyone at Larkhall.

Garstang Community Primary School are really excited to be part of Earth Hour this year.  They are currently doing a whole topic on climate change and this will end the week after Earth Hour.  Some of the pupils will be running a school assembly for children and parents on Earth Hour and Climate change and then we will hold a school dark day – turning off all electricity in the school that we can – measuring before and during electricity usage and making and selling recycled products and also peppermint creams (can be made without electricity!).  All the money they save and raise will go to charity. Well done Garstang, the peppermint creams sound delicious!

Montpelier Primary School in Ealing will be dressing up in onesies with animal prints as the them to raise awareness of Earth Hour. Hope it is a roaring success!

Pollockshields Primary School in Glasgow are planning to hold an environment day to remind pupils to participate in Earth Hour which will include an assembly where pupils will talk about their water project and share their learning on ice melting. Pupils will also take part in a Spring clean up of the play park near the school and write some stars for a constellation. After EarthHour all those who participated, will record their name on a luminous star which will be displayed in the school. Wow, you really are making lots of effort, thank you!

Willimaston Primary School in West Lothian plan to promote Earth Hour be running an assembly, creating posters to put up around the school and working without electricity on Friday 28th March.

St. Charles’ Primary School has put an item about Earth Hour in the monthly newsletter to parents so that all families know about Earth Hour and can participate. As well as that, they have our own Earth Hour in school on Friday 28th March when they will turn off all the lights in school, as well as computers, CD players, computers, monitors and projectors in all classes. Some classes have chosen to do without switching on their room lights all afternoon as well. The eco pupils are prepare pupils about our Earth Hour and the real Earth Hour at whole school assemblies by explaining why we should be responsible citizens and do what we can to help our planet. Well done to you all!

Petersburn Primary School and Nursery in Airdrie are holding an whole school Earth Hour assembly which will be run by their pupil voice members, who are representatives from each class. The children will then go back to school to have a mini ‘Earth Hour’ in class, turning the lights off and taking part in various activities.

Goldenhill Primary School in Clydebank are celebrating Earth Hour by dressing bright and switching power off for an afternoon. They are creating posters to persuade others to unite together to help our world.

Redland High School in Bristol are joining us again this year for Earth Hour. They have asked every Geography student in KS3, KS4 and KS5 to write on a star their wish for the future to create a big wall display. All members of staff have also been given a star to write their wishes on too! An assembly will also take place highlighting the message of Earth Hour culminating in a one hour “lights out ” display in the school on Friday 28th March. All parents have been encouraged to pledge their support by signing up online. Fantastic work Redland!

Milbourne Lodge School in Surrey have produced an animation film with their wildest Earth Hour pledges. Have a look at their film!

Ballinderry Primary School will be participating in Earth Hour by getting all pupils to decorate and write a wish in a star for the planet’s future. They will also be sending home letters to all parents informing them of this and that the school is taking part.

At Cabbage Patch Nursery in Wishaw, they are busy making Earth hats to wear when joining in on Earth Hour.  Parents are asked to e-mail a photo of the children taking part in the big switch off! Hope you all have fun!

Cairn Primary School in Maybole are holding a special assembly for Earth Hour and taking part in a quiz. The whole school will design a Wishing Star for the future of our planet and  will make a lovely display with them all later on in the shape of a constellation!

Pittencrieff Primary School are celebrating Earth Hour by holding an assembly where the eco committee will share the findings on food wastage over the last month. The whole school will be writing thir wish for the Earth and bring in photos of their families sharing Earth Hour at home.

St Mary’s Primary School in Lanark will be making stars and will get involved with the big switch off on the 29th March with parents being encouraged to take part. Thank you!

The Paragon School in Bath are planning an assembly and switch off for an hour to mark Earth Hour. Stars are being made out of recycled paper and the pupils will write an energy saving thought on their own star. The stars will be hung on a wishing tree in the school grounds. That sounds fantastic – photos please!

Lilliput C.E. V.C. Infant School are planning a sparkly Earth Hour but creating wishing stars and coming to school in sparkly clothes. Their Green Team have already launched Earth Hour to the school and are running a special Earth Hour workshop to learn about the Amazon rainforest and how we can work together to help our planet. Well done Green Team!

Concord College are celebrating Earth Hour by organising a social event in their Common Room during the hour and they are encouraging all the boarding houses to switch off as many lights and electrical appliances as possible. There will be music, games and fairtrade snacks. They also plan a competition between the boarding houses to see which ones is the most environmentally friendly! Sounds like great fun!

Primary 7/6 at Camstradden School have taken responsibility for teaching the rest of the school about Earth Hour and encouraging pupils and families to take part. They are delivering assemblies to teach pupils about Earth Hour and WWF and to make suggestions as to how the Camstradden community can get involved. They will introduce the ‘wish upon a star’ idea and encourage children to contribute their own wish to the display. They have also devised a survey to find out how many of our families take part on March 29th. They will be sending out texts to all our parents and families to remind them to switch off on the night. In class the children have been learning about the work of WWF and researching some of the endangered species of animals. Wow, you have been busy Camstradden – thank you!

St.Thomas Aquinas RC Secondary School have their first year pupils doing a project on the Mara-Serengeti and planning a range of ways to highlight Earth Hour across all of our year groups (creating posters, holding assemblies etc). This is the first time they have been involved in WWF Earth Hour. Thank you and hope you enjoy taking part.

This year Broxburn Primary School in West Lothian will be celebrating Earth hour by: the Eco committee advertising Earth hour by explaining what it is and showing video clip and posters during whole school assembly time; displaying posters around school; taking part in a lesson discussing Earth hour and what impact we are making on the planet. During this lesson the children will be thinking of a wish for the future earth. Each class will illustrate and display their wish on part of a jigsaw. These jigsaw parts will be displayed together on an ‘Earth Hour display wall’. The Eco committee will do a survey to count how many children took part in Earth hour and will compare results to previous year. Fantastic – thank you!

At Mount Pleasant Junior School in Market Weighton, York we are planning to celebrate Earth Hour by creating a whole school display of star wishes for our planet Earth. Our Eco committee are going to compose and decorate a letter for children to take home which will explain Earth Hour and how parents can support the fundraising efforts of the WWF.

Torphichen Primary School’s eco committee have organised a school event for Earth Hour. They have created a ‘Wish for the World’ tree in the school garden where pupils can write their wish and hanging it on the tree. They holding a dress brightly day as well as switching off for an hour in school. The money raised is going to fund the adoption of animals from WWF on behalf of the whole school. Parents have been asked to pledge to switch off on the 29th March and bring in photos of how they spent the hour to create a wall display to remind them of what we can do in the evenings, rather than use lots of electricity.

Edderton Primary School in Ross-shire are planning to have an hour without using any electricity on Friday 28th March.

The Cavendish School in London are holding a mufti day to raise money for WWF and are setting up a board with all their wishes for the planet.

Baltasound Junior High School in Shetland are planning to run an assembly and will promote Earth Hour to parents and the local community through the school Facebook page.

North Berwich High School are getting involved with Earth Hour by watching the Earth Hour videos on YouTube. Some have been making presentations of how individuals or groups can help by focusing on everyday activities (putting lights off, using less water, …). They are trying to emphasise that us doing something rather than wait for politicians or someone to tell us what to do! The school has a tree where pupils can add a leaf to it with their pledge on it.

Stars display 008Fairfield School in Bristol have created a stunning display of nearly 120 stars with wishes at school. Thanks for sharing the photos – the Earth Hour team loved seeing them!

George Heriot’s School in Edinburgh will be participating by turning off the old building illuminations for one hour on the evening of the 29th March.

Northwold School in London are holding an ‘Earth Hour day’ to raise awareness. They are having a dress down day in the style of Africa/Lion King. The children are also going to able to pay for their faces to be painted. As well as this the children are going to be creating pieces of art based on the Mua Mara Serengeti landscape which they plan to sell to parents. Sounds amazing, Lion King is one of our favourite films!

Bromley Infant School are planning a Shine Bright day where the children will be helping to raise money for WWF  by dressing up in something shiny and and writing their wishes on a star. Thank you very much!

Millbank Primary School in Cardiff are taking part in Earth Hour. Their juniors have just qualified as ‘Space cadets’ at Techniquest in Cardiff Bay so having learnt about the stars and the planets are keen to look after the only planet we have. They are going to write our sustainability wishes on a little star and make their own new constellation based on our school mascot ‘Millie the environmentally aware bear’.  Please send us photos!

Year 3 at The Oaks Primary School in Bolton are taking part in Earth Hour as party of their project – The Earth and Me. The children have been learning all about the Earth, how it moves, how to look after it and making people aware of Earth Hour. They have made their own big earth in our classroom. Using their persuasive writing, they will be writing to their Head Teacher to persuade her to back Earth Hour 2014 and arrange a Shine Bright day on the 28th March! If you would like to see more please visit  or follow them on Twitter @Year3TheOaks. Hope you read my tweet year 3!

Kirktonholme Primary School in East Kilbridge are building Earth Hour into their eco week and will “power down” on Friday 28th March and wear something bright, shiny or sparkly to school and will donate some money to WWF. Thank you so much for your support!

Strathesk Primary School are planning to celebrate Earth Hour on the Friday 28th of March. During this time, we will switch off all classroom and school lights off and as many electrical appliances as possible.  Every child in our school will also use the star template to write down/draw their wish for the future of the planet. After the event, all the stars will be made into a school display, with some from each class being displayed in their local church as part of their Earth Hour celebrations on the Saturday evening. Earth Hour will be the culminating event of their Environmental Awareness Week, where all the classes in the school will spend the week taking part in different environmental challenges set by our Eco-committee.

Cornton Primary School (Stirling) celebrated Earth Hour on Friday 21st March from 2.15 p.m. until 3.15 p.m. Every light, computer and other electrical appliance that could safely be switched off was switched off. The children were not allowed to play or use items that needed batteries. Prior to this school switch off the children had an opportunity to discuss why we were switching of appliances. It was a very successful afternoon.

The Voyager Academy will be hosting an overnight camp with approximately 50 students. They will take part in night navaigation and star gazing. As the school is based in the city, the We are based in a city so have decided to come away from the bright lights and witness this out in the open country. I hope that by doing this we will highlight to those students that there are actually other things that are out there to experience which do not require energy or create hazards to the planet.

At Horfield C of E Primary School in Bristol are all writing a wish for the world or a pledge onto a decorated star. We will display them as animal constellations in the playground on March 28th. We will also aim to do a lesson without using electricity.

Here at Castlehill Primary School in Wishaw will be celebrating Earth Hour on Friday 28th March! Our ECO Committee will be presenting an Earth Hour PowerPoint to the whole school during morning assembly where everyone will be dressing up in bright, shiny or sparkly clothes and will also be sharing some of their Make a Wish statements.  At 11am-12noon, we will also be turning off our electricity in each classroom and taking part in class activities in the dark!

St Peter’s Primary School in Galashiels are planning to hold their own Earth Hour on Friday and complete the ‘Make a Wish’ activity. They are also dressing up and holding a special assembly to raise awareness of Earth Hour so that children can encourage their parents to participate on Saturday.

As part of our Earth hour celebrations this year Webster’s High School are planning to have their Eco-Committee deliver an Earth Hour assembly to each year group from S1 to S6 and explain how each of the children can get involved by turning off the lights and spending the hour in a range of different way. The children will then feedback on what they did through photos or written description. During form time, each year group will be conducting research about the different types of wildlife and ecosystems effected.Each form class will hold a 15 min power down across the week. During power down time they will participate in a Earth Hour quiz made up by both the children in the class and using the Earth Hour resources.

On the Friday 28th March, S1 (approx 140 pupils) will participate in a “lights-out film afternoon” where they will turn off the power in their classroom and head to the main hall for a screening of an environmentally themed film.

Our pupils at Courthouse Junior School will bewatching the assembly PowerPoint. We will be looking at all of the endangered animals using the factsheets provided, noting details about each animal and reporting back in groups, in every class throughout the school.  Our pupils will create their wishes for the future using the star template and decorating these brightly.  The best three from each class will then be used to make a ‘special star constellation of one of these animal shapes’ on the wall in the Main Hall.

We are encouraging the pupils to change into bright, sparkly clothes to wear for our Celebration Assembly on Friday 28th March and encouraging them all to support Earth Hour 2014 at 8.30pm inby turning their own lights off on the Saturday.

On Friday 28th March, Ormiston Victory Academy will be celebrating Earth Hour during lesson 1 and will be working with no or minimal energy usage eg. lights off etc. Our Eco council will be going to all classes to remind them too!

At Aldworth School, Basingstoke, will be celebrating Earth Hour on Friday  28th March.
We will be monitoring the electricity usage before, during and after the event. The students have done assemblies to promote this event and the buzz has taken over the school. The students have done their best also to promote earth hour to the general public in the local community.

As a  Housemistress of Ellis House, one of the boarding houses at Ruthin School in Denbighshire.  The House Prefects and I are planning a series of events for Earth Hour.

Abbotsbury Primary School in Morden are having our own Earth Hour on Friday 28th March from 2 to 3 pm when we’ll be turning off all computers, lights etc. The children will also be doing the star and making a constellation.

We at St. John Fisher are really excited to be a part of Earth Hour this year. We have all agreed to do all three of the starry-themed activities ~ making a wish and then displaying the stars as an animal shaped constellation and dressing up in silver to raise funds for WWF. We are also holding an Assembly to highlight the work of the WWF and many classes will be holding a quiz and researching the animals on the quiz sheets. We are also dressing up on “Shine Bright Day”

The children and staff at Hermitage Park Primary School will be taking part in Earth Hour for the first time this year.  We have put a note in our newsletter to explain about Earth Hour.  The school will turn off the lights on Friday for an hour.  The children and staff will turn the lights out at home on the Saturday.

Earth Hour at Greenbrae Primary School in Aberdeen are planning to switch off lights in school for an hour during the day on Friday.  Each class will talk about and do activities on how we can save energy every day.  We will have a whole school assembly to celebrate Earth Hour.

At Broadwater School we will be holding a special Earth Hour assembly and we will be switching off on Friday to show our support for Earth Hour.

We celebrated Earth Hour at Truro School Pre Prep by turning off all our electrical appliances for one hour…so no computers, no lights, no interactive whiteboards……to name but a few things we could not use! It was lots of fun, and our Reception children have decided we will try and manage without these things more often. Good luck to everyone else participating!

This year the Energy Saving and Recycling Committee at Craigentinny Primary School in Edinburgh. On Friday 28th March we will be holding our own Earth Hour in the school. All classes in the school will switch off lights and electronics (laptops, smartboards etc) for an hour. During this time every pupil will complete a ‘make a wish’ star, which will be displayed. We will also be sending a letter home to parents to encourage them to celebrate Earth Hour on the 29th. We are all looking forward to celebrating this event!

At Pittencrieff Primary in Fife we launched our Earth Hour Awareness , using the Earth Hour PowerPoint, during our Eco Assembly, we asked the children to write their wish for the Earth on the star template and then decorate it – these will be added to our Eco board and SECONDLY, to bring in photos of how they enjoyed their Earth Hour with their families, as Earth Hour falls on the first day of our Easter holidays! Happy Earth Hour!

At Blessed John Duckett RCVA school are holding a whole school assembly. They will be making their wishes on stars and make animal constellations and making their wish for the planet. They will also make a pledge to take home and uphold on the actual hour. Their eco-team will  hold their own Earth Hour from 1:15pm – 2:15pm in school on Friday March 28th.

Coquet Park First School are holding an event on Friday 28th March. The children are busy writing their wish for the planet. They will be diplaying their wish on the star wall display. We would love to see the photo of your star wall.

The eco committee from Hill of Beath Primary School in Fife recently organised energy awareness workshops for the whole school and started a regular energy audit for the building. They designed and drew posters for around the school to remind everyone of how important it is to save energy. The group are currently putting together a presentation for pupils and parents during the end of term service on Friday. A sub group of the committee are organising a feature to put on the school website for parents who can’t come to the assembly. Good luck with this year’s campaign – we are hoping for a record number of participants. Thank you so are we. Keep up the great work within your school!

Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School in West Lothian are holding an Earth Hour Assembly on 21st of March. Their Eco Pupil Voice Group together with P3/4 will inspire pupils and staff on how they can work together to help protect our planet.  House captains will then work with their groups to come up with their top 5 pledges for protecting the planet.  In addition, the whole school will participate in a ‘power down’ on Friday 28th March where all gadgets requiring electricity will be switched off for 1 hour.  We are also running a whole school competition ‘Bling a Bottle’ where pupils are encouraged to recycle their junk to reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfill sites. Wow we love the idea of ‘Bling a Bottle’ 

At Heathfield School they are doing an assembly about saving our earth and also organising a free dress day asking everybody to pay £2 to wear something bright or shiny. With this money we are hoping to help the rainforests and the animals at the poles.
We have also made up a rap song about saving our earth which we will sing in assembly.
Brilliant, we would love to hear your rap.

Papdale Primary School in Kirkwall are celebrating Earth Hour by switching off all the lights and any other electrical appliances on Friday 28th March. Their Eco Club is promoting the event and highlighting climate change to the school through our weekly wholeschool assembly. Children are writing their wish for the planet on a star to be displayed as constellations in the school. The children will be asked to bring a donation for WWF. Children and parents are being encouraged to take part at home in Earth Hour on Saturday through letters and their News Blog. Thank you Papdale – great work!

The Skills Base Groups at Henry Beaufort School  have been learning about responsibility. Earth Hour is helping them to become responsible for our planet. They are planning on turning off their lights for an hour on Monday 31st March as well as turning their home lights off for Earth Hour. They are making a display with their pledges and wishes which will be in the library for the whole school to see as well as hosting our own poster competition. Being responsible is a great way of helping our planet well done!

Forest Park Primary school their children will be taking part this year by making a wish and producing a class constellation for a whole school display. Many classes will also be doing the quiz and some research throughout the week. We plan to turn off for Friday afternoon. We hope that you enjoy the quiz!

We at Ysgol Iolo Morganwg are raising money through wearing shiny/ bright clothes! We are raising awareness and kick started the week with an Assembly by the Eco committee, we are also holding a no electricity afternoon, also sending the stars home for decoration before creating their star constellations of the wwf logo on our school yard. We are sending this to the local press- Gem. Parents have been asked to tweet their wishes and ideas for Earth Hour! Busy! Busy! Busy! Wow your are very busy bee’s – keep up the good work. We will look into creating welsh posters and certificates.

A year 1 teacher at Wheeler Primary School in Hull is extremely excited about talking to their class tomorrow about this fantastic cause, cancelling all morning lessons and replacing them for Earth Hour activities. Creating stars with their wish for the future and hopefully some quality letters about why this is an important cause. It is an exciting campaign and so glad that you share our excitement!Crownfield-Infant-SchoolWEB

Crownfield Infant School made a wish for the future on a star and we then made an animal constellation. We also did an assembly and used the power points from WWF resouces.


Here at Armadale Academy are  celebrating Earth Hour by planning to turn off all the lights in the school during the last lesson of the week on Friday 28th March, using natural light for the lessons.

Castlebay School took part in Earth Hour on Wednesday 26th March, as their school closes on Friday 28th March for their spring holiday. They decided to choose the Wednesday as it was best for the school and all classes were busy. They are an all through nursery – secondary school and they asked everyone to switch off anything electrical for 1 hour, unless it was essential. They even asked secondary pupils to switch off any gadgets which they found difficult to do. They put signs up around the school to promote Earth Hour in the hope that families will switch off on the actual day. They took readings from the electric meter and compared the readings to find out how much energy was saved.
Their pupils found it good fun but a bit tricky. They were made aware that we do not need lights and computers on all the time but mostly how eeriliy quiet it was. It is hard to turn off all our gadgets but well done everyone.

Marcham Primary School in Abingdon are taking part by writing our wishes for the future of the planet onto stars and we are going to hang them in the window near our lobby. We have written a letter to ask all the families who are part of our school community to switch off their lights at 8.30pm on Saturday.
At Eastfield Infant and Nursery School in Cambridgeshire are celebrating Earth Hour by holding an assembly on Monday and on Friday 28 March are having a non-uniform sparkly day, all donations will be sent to you at the WWF, the children will also be decorating sparkly stars, including on them a wish for the future, which we will use to make a display of our class animals (our classes all have animal names). Thank you in  advance for your donation, enjoy your sparkly day.

All of us at Claremont Primary and Nursey School are really excited about Earth Hour. We have already held an assembly to highlight the importance of taking part. The Eco- School councillors decided that all classes will switch their lights and projectors off for at least 1 hour during tomorrows lessons. Also, we will be holding 2 assemblies by torch light tomorrow afternoon. Torch light assemblies we like the sound of this, well done.

We at Coed Y Dderwen Primary are all dressing up in bright/sparkly clothes. Pupils have been asked for donations towards WWF. Their teacher will be doing an assembly using the resources dressed in whacky bright clothes. At the end of the PowerPoint we will add our thoughts to a big bright star. Wow we need to see some pictures of the whacky bright clothes! Thank you in advance for your kind donation.

We at Crowle CE First school are celebrating Earth Hour by doing a special assembly followed by wish upon a star.

Key Stage 2 pupils from St. Anthony’s Primary School, in Northern Ireland  have participated in the WWF Earth Hour by researching an endangered animal and recording their findings  in the form of a fact file. They have used the Star template from the WWF resources and have created their wish for the future of the planet for the constellation on the ceiling of their classroom!!! The children will encourage their parents to participate in the Earth Hour tomorrow night and may wear something Shiny. They are going to sponsor an endangered animal possibly in Belfast Zoo or send the money to WWF. As part of the World around us they will continue to discover about the Amazon Rainforest and the Mara in Kenya. The children have been very keen to participate in the Earth Hour and encourage their Parents to do so too. This is the first time we have heard of this event and will definitely try to do our part to Save our Planet.

Jubilee Wood Primary School are celebrating Earth Hour by holding a ‘Shine Bright’ mufti event. Their Green Ambassadors are doing an assembly on Tuesday morning to explain the work of the WWF and what you are doing to making the world a better place for us all. I will be talking about my Svalbard bears. Good luck tomorrow!

Tweedbank Primary in the Scottish Borders are turning the lights off on Friday 28th March and will be making their wishes for the planet.

Eco Group at Antonine Primary School spoke about Earth Hour during assembly and the whole school turned off their lights from 11am – 12noon on Friday 28th March. Pupils completed their ‘Wish for the Planet’ on the star templates from the resource pack during their switch off.


The Eco Committee at Chatelherault Primary School promoted WWF’s Earth Hour by having a ‘lights off’ time during morning lessons. The children in the school also made a wish for a more sustainable future. Their wishes are displayed throughout the school to remind everyone about our hopes for the future of a greener earth.



Here at Glusburn C Primary School their Green Ambassadors have taken charge of Earth Hour this year. They did a superb assembly on Monday and talked about greenhouse gases and the impact of climate change. They promoted Earth Hour and showed pictures of famous landmarks before and after the switch off-they also played the Be a Super Hero for the Planet clip. A show of hands at the end of their assembly told them that most of the pupils intended to take part. They have talked about it on the school newsletter to remind parents, and have created a display in school. The Green Ambassadors got children from their classes to write their wish for the planet on a star and they added it to the display. On Monday we will ask the children in assembly who took part and what they did.


As part of Earth Hour South Wigston High School students wrote a wish to save the planet on a star.  The stars were made up into the Great Bear constellation.




The teachers and children from Sinclair House School were very busy on Friday 28th March celebrating Earth Hour!. Their Nursery children listened to a Presentation made by one of their teachers about how beautiful our planet is; they also turned off the lights for 1 minute while holding their stars they specially made for the event.


Their Preparatory School, children in Reception and Year 1 took part in the activity “make a wish in a star/ animal constellation” with great enthusiasm. While Year 2, 3 and 5 children created beautiful constellation pictures.



At St John Fisher Catholic Primary School in Ealing, had a fantastic day shining bright for Earth Hour. All their children came to school in sparkly clothes. They have made a wish on their stars and will display them as an animal constellation. They have been raising money for WWF. They used the PowerPoint in an Assembly and their children have also been researching endangered animals. They feel very privileged to be part of this global effort and they will be thinking of our brothers and sisters worldwide during the global switch off.

North-Coast-Integrated-collAt North Coast Integrated College they had a great day and raised £150 for WWF’s Earth Hour. Their activities included Make a wish, listening to “Justso stories” in the dark, Shine bright day with sparkly and bright outfits and a star bake sale! They also encouraged all classes to have their lights off during the day!. Great cakes and a huge thank you for the money you have raised!


The Eco Eagles at New Monument Academy in Woking held lead their Earth Hour celebrations on Wednesday 2nd April when they will be turning off all electrical gadgets in their school including the interactive whiteboards and computers! Everybody will be spending the hour of darkeness writing pledges on stars ready for their Earth Hour display. Well done and it was really nice to meet you during your visit to our new home the Living Planet Centre.

St Marys RC Primary School in Dukinfield, raised money on Friday 28th March by having a non uniform day and biscuit sale.  They also turned off the lights and appliances for an hour.

Pupils from Oakgrove Primary School in Glasgow, held an assembly on Friday 28th March to share their learning on sustainability with their parents. During this assembly members of Oakgrove Eco Committee told the parents about Earth Hour and encouraged the parents to participate on Saturday 29th March with their families. We also sent a text message to all the parents who had not made it to the assembly. On Monday 31 March they are sending out questionnaires to see how our families got on. We love the fact that you invited parents into your assembly and help spread the word.
At ACS Hillingdon International School, celebrated Earth Hour during a lesson time. They showed the film, shared a discussion with an activity. It was very much appreciated by staff and students. Large number of students and faculty signed up for March 29th. ACS_Eco Club wwf

Torquay_Boys_GrammarWEBAt Torquay Boys’ Grammar School created a display by staff and students to celebrate Earth Hour on Saturday. Geography students were given coloured stars and they each wrote their wish for Planet Earth. It looked great and raised awareness. Very colourful, well done


At Dalneigh Primary School in Inverness they raised £169 when the whole school Dalneigh-PrimaryWEBturned up wearing bright clothes. P6 held a special assembly where they gave prizes to the best dressed pupils and teacher, explained what WWF was raising the money for and finished up with a whole school version of the Cha Cha Slide. The P6 class also raised some more money by offering to do nails, hair styling, tattoos and face painting. A great time was had by all and they were most impressed by the effort everybody went to.

At Cudham Church of England Primary School in Westerham took part in Earth Hour by holding a ‘Wear your own clothes day’ and have raised £100.30. Thank you so much for raising all that money!

At Wickhambreaux CEP School they will be raising money for the WWF’s Earth Hour on Friday 4 April. They are holding a non uniform day and the children have been asked to come in bright and sparkly clothes, they will be donating a £1 for the privilege.

At Auchenblae School their Eco group conducted an Earth Hour assembly and created an area during lunchtime that pupils could write or draw their wish for the planet.

At Heathfield Junior School they created this account of how they celebrated Earth Hour and they raised £170! Heathfield shines bright for Earth Hour

At Woodlands Primary School and Primary 3 their whole school switched off the lights for one hour on Friday from 1.30pm – 2.30pm. Their Primary 3 discussed Earth Hour and why we were holding Earth Hour.  They used some of the resources from the website, looking at the house with energy waste and the word search. They then took the worksheets home to discuss with their parents and make sure they also knew the importance of Earth Hour and doing what we can to look after our planet every day. They are also looking forward to receiving the data to find out how much energy we did actually save during only one hour.

At Castle View Enterprise Academy they raised just over £50 pound so far, but more keeps coming in thanks to our generous students. They held a shine bright and Sparkle day, were students sparkled up their uniform, and they sold wishes for the planet and created a display. They had a lovely day and many students informed them that they turned off their lights on the Saturday night for the Earth Hour.

Solihull schoolWEBAt Solihull school they asked their pupils to think long and hard about what they would change or do to make this world a better place and make a difference to all people and animals that share their world.  They gave them a star to fill in with their wish and with much excitement used them to create their own constellation – can you guess what it is?



At The King’s School, Earth Hour 2014 was promoted in their secondary school and sixth forms through assemblies ran by the Green Team. For the last lesson on Friday, some members of staff made video pledges about not using power during that lesson and many more actually ran their lesson without using electricity. They were really happy to have introduce Earth Hour in their school calendar last year and hope to be able to contribute in their own way to this worthy cause.

At Culloden Primary School – an academy, they switched all of their lights/computers off for 20 minutes on Friday afternoon in preparation for Earth Hour the next day.  During this time the pupils made a pledge on their star for how they will help to save the planet.  Then, as homework, the pupils designed posters/poems to show others how to save energy and winners were chosen to win books about the solar system and our planet.

At Craigentinny Primary School celebrated Earth Hour, here’s their story. Craigentinny Primary School Earth Hour

ArnageWEBThe 20 children at Arnage Primary School wrote their wishes for the Earth on stars and shared them at a special assembly.  They decided they wanted to display their stars as a constellation in the shape of a shark! Some of the children observed Earth Hour at home on the day and shared what they had done in the dark…Ewan played glow in the dark Top Trumps!

At Ashley C of E School, their Year 4′s encouraged the whole school to take part in Earth Hour by:

  • Writing letter to their families of the school informing them about Earth Hour and the importance of raising awareness.
  • Creating their own ’60 Things to do in the dark’
  • Running an assembly about Earth Hour
  • Choreographing a dance to Micheal Jackson’s Earth Hour that they performed in front of parents and the school
  • Organised a Carbon-free day on Friday 28th March where no electricity was used in schools (apart from the essentials). Their School Dinners were a cold lunch. Even the heating was turned off!
  • Asking families to tell them what they did and to send in photos to share on website and to receive a certificate.
  • Please look at our website where we have our letter, 60 things to do, and some photos.


At Portway Junior School they combined it with their Eco Schools Waste Week. After a presentation by the Eco Team in assembly and the chance to watch the Spiderman Video in class (good move!), the week culminated with a dress down day on Friday 28th March. 370 children chose to wear green with a bit of bling (sparkles!). Messages were sent home via our weekly parent newsletter about the dress down day and about Earth Hour, the day after our own ‘Green Day’. Usually children pay a £1 not to wear school uniform but they decided to make their payment something that could be recycled but that often isn’t. This way resources are saved and waste reduced… the planet a little bit greener and folk a little bit wiser! Payment consisted of: unwanted mobile phones (to be collected and some payment received), used printer cartridges (to be collected and some payment received), used batteries (we are a recycling point), used stamps (we sort them and take them to the local Oxfam shop for their fundraising). This way everyone can take part – everyone has a dead battery somewhere!

Money that they receive will be spent on having ‘How to Use the Playground Recycling Bins’ signs made, a competition for which was held during the week. Any surplus funds will be spent either the Earth Hour project or WWF Animal Adoption Schemes and will be voting choices. Last year 55 Portway families took part in Earth Hour; this year 70 families and teachers took part. There getting better! They are hoping for some ‘stories’ from some of the children. Well done on increasing your engagement!

At St. Christopher’s High School, they have celebrated Earth Hour for the fourth time this year. Their hard working Eco group held assemblies to make sure this event was a success. And it was! The whole school was involved and they managed to turn off over 1,000 lights. Well done, we look forward to you joining us next year Saturday 28th March 2015!


At Glengowan Primary School in Larkhall, they have raised £375 for the WWF’s conservation work in the Mara-Serengeti during a ‘Shine Bright’ day on Friday 28th March. Pupils and staff paid £1 to dress up in something shiny, bright or sparkly. Each class also made a wish for the planet and put their wish on a star – here are a few examples:

  • P3 wish: Plant more trees to give us more oxygen and to save animals’ homes.
  • P3/4 wish: Stop throwing rubbish in the ocean.
  • P4/5 wish: Make sure that water is clean and not polluted.
  • P7 wish: Stop using aerosol cans to help maintain the balance of gases in the atmosphere and reduce the effects of Global Warming.

The school Eco reps also gave a presentation about Earth Hour and the Mara-Serengeti at our class assembly.

Here at Netherlee Nursery we have two buildings Netherlee Nursery Saplings and Netherlee Nursery Acorns. This year they hosted an event on Friday 28 March called “Wear Something Bright, Turn Out The Light”. The children and staff came to nursery wearing bright clothing and the nursery lights were switched off. To support WWF’s Earth Hour each child was issued with a bag containing a candle and details of Earth Hour, in the hope that they would participate as a family. Each child and parent were issues with a star and asked to write down their wish for the planet. We used these stars to create animal shaped constellations.
As they are currently working towards the RSPB Gold wildlife action award and used these activities to help towards achieving  this. On this day they asked their local newspaper to visit and help them spread the word within their wider community. In the article it was highlighted that they were actively participating in Earth Hour. We enjoyed participating in this event and look forward to next year!

At Offa’s Mead Academy, they are holding an assembly for the children and on Friday with Parents. They are then all switching off for Earth Hour.