Have fun during your switch off with our candle-lit quiz

Thousands of people throughout the UK have planned to switch off their lights for WWF’s Earth Hour, with some really exciting plans being made to fill the evening, find out  what others are doing here. Still haven’t thought about what to do, well why not have a quiz night? After all, it’s not just about an hour of darkness. It’s about a brighter future and your winning team can receive a ‘You’re Brilliant’ Earth Hour certificate.

We have developed everything you need to make your  candle-lit quiz, a fun way to celebrate this global event. With a mixture of easy and challenging questions, the subjects to choose from include:

- Entertainment
- Geography
- Sport
- Green Living
- Living World
- Dingbats
- History

It’s up to you which rounds you want to play, and whether you want to play for just an hour or for the whole evening. WWF’s Earth Hour quiz can be played wherever you like though, it doesn’t have to be in a pub! You may want to do this as a work activity or at home with family and friends. So, light some candles, switch off the lights, get your teams ready, ask them to be creative and come up with original team names, and let the games begin… but no cheating!


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