MPs put renewable energy ‘on the map’

Thanks to all the MPs who joined us to show their support for energy powered by nature. As part of WWF’s Earth Hour, Members of Parliament put wind, wave, and solar power symbols on a UK weather map to symbolise the need for more renewable energy.

Have a look through our Flickr gallery to see if your MP got involved…

As the lights switch off for this year’s Earth Hour on Saturday 23 March at 8.30pm, people will be showing their support for energy that works with the power of nature, not against it.

In the UK we are consuming three times our fair share of the planet’s natural resources.  Our reliance on high carbon fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas is overheating the atmosphere and affecting the climate.  The future of our planet relies on us moving away from unsustainable energy sources and on to renewable energy.

Last year nearly 8 million people in the UK took part in Earth Hour.  This unique global phenomenon encourages individuals from every corner of the globe to switch off for one hour and includes iconic landmarks such as The Houses of Parliament, the Sydney Opera House and the Taj Mahal.

Darren Shirley from WWF said: “We’ve only got one planet, so it’s vital we do everything we can to protect it.  There are important decisions to be made now and we have a choice of either a fossil fuel future or a clean green future.  Renewable energy provides an opportunity for the UK and can contribute towards economic growth and create jobs whilst protecting our planet.”

Find out more about why we’re backing renewable energy this Earth Hour.

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  • ChilliKwok

    So much wrong with this article but I’ll just tackle one point :

    > people will be showing their support for energy that
    > works with the power of nature, not against it.

    Surely it is better to use energy sources which are not required by nature. We share the skies, fields and forrests with nature. However, shale gas, coal and uranium are not required by any other living creatures. So surely it is better to utilise them rather than wind turbines ( which kill thousands of rare migrating birds and bats) or biofuels (which require millions of acres of rainforest to be cut down to make room for biofuel plantations), or biomass (wood) which requires a forest area the size of Wales to be felled every year just to keep Drax powerstation running. How is all this supposed to be good for the environment?