Renewable energy

Show your love for the power of nature

WWF’s Earth Hour is all about celebrating this brilliant planet we live on – how we can make it a place which supports thriving wildlife and healthy communities.

This year, we’re focusing on renewable energy – because if we are to protect people and nature from the worst impacts of climate change – we need to wean ourselves off climate-polluting fossils fuels and onto the clean, green energy available in the wind, the waves and the sun.

That’s why we’re asking you to join us in celebrating the power of nature – we want to show our politicians that there is a groundswell of support from the public for the switch to renewable energy.

Together we have the power to make change happen. What you can do today:

You can still sign up to show your support for WWF’s Earth Hour to show your support for a better energy future. You’ll be part of a growing community of people who want to protect our brilliant planet.


Find out if you’re a bright spark and test your knowledge in our energy quiz. See if you can outsmart your friends with your knowledge of the awesome power of nature.

  • James Page

    Local government too can play a part. Despite (or in some case as a result of) cuts they have reserves they could invest in renewables that would make healthy returns

  • sara

    well done Cumbria County Council for saying no to a nuclear dump as it was a step towards new build.

  • daaain

    Why don’t you let people know that anyone can switch to renewable electricity right now with the likes of Ecotricity and Good Energy?

    I can do it for you :) There’s no need to sit around and wait for the government, show them you don’t just talk but act on your principles!

  • Laura

    Anyone in dublin doing it?

  • markie

    We need more debate relating to HAARP, as better energy supply and purchase for the current standard of living being experienced UK Europe.

  • Monica

    im doingitinthedark!!!!!

  • Chris Brooks

    Happy to switch off my grid connected lights as most of my house main lighting is with off-grid power from Solar and Batteries. – No brainer.