Vote for your Earth Hour whizz in the kitchen

WWW’s Earth Hour recipe competition

Cooking a candlelit dinner that’s good for you and for the planet too is one of the ways you can celebrate WWF’s Earth Hour. To inspire you, we ran a recipe competition and we are proud to announce the four LiveWell recipes that made it to the shortlist:

The four short-listed recipes were then put to a public vote. Voting is now closed:

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  • Margaret Marion

    Is the plaice in recipe number two from sustainable stock? Should this recipe be at all on a site for protection of animals?

    • Paul Robinson

      I completely understand the points raised- but to try and stop people from eating fish is not realistic …. However to promote gaining seafood from sustainable sources is realistic and achievable by promotion and education.

      Sustainable Seafood should be used and to deny the promotion of such a speices is only preventing the education of others which is the whole point of running such a competition

      • Margaret Marion

        The good fish guide uk puts plaice in category 4 “should not be regarded as sustainable” – even though some fish is caught sustainably in general supplies are poor and wastage is high.

    • Paul Robinson

      Yes, the Plaice is from a sustainable source – it’s highlighted within the recipe.

  • Melbooth

    Margaret, i emailed them with exactly the same concerns, that i believed it was inappropriate to have a fish (and quite an unsustainable fish at that) recipe on a recipe competition based on animal welfare/ ecological concerns, as the over-fishing of our oceans is one of the biggest current global ecological problems atm.

    And the reponse was that a) the “livewell” principles surrounding this campaign does not ban fish/meat etc., but encourages people to eat less of it. And that plaice can be sustainably sourced.

    Still think it’s kinda unsuitable/innapropriate, but I’ve just gotta hope my butternut squash salad recipe up there gets a few more votes i guess (:

  • Yael

    Hi all,
    Thanks for your comments. We really think it is great that there is such a lively debate here on food and sustainability which we think are really important yet very complex issues.
    As for the debate around plaice, our LiveWell principles do not preclude the use of fish as long as they are MSC though we encourage people to eat less meat and fish.
    Thanks again for your interest,
    Yael (Earth Hour team)

  • Me Eco You Eco

    Am about to host my first candle lit Earth Hour dinner and have set myself up for doing three course meal, let’s hope the organic veg box and nervous chef can provide!

  • Maree Plane