I Will If You Will

I Will If You Will is the perfect way for all you Earth Hour enthusiasts to have some fun and involve your friends and family in  Earth Hour.

It’s all about a simple promise and a challenge, ‘I Will If You Will’. Ask yourself, what would convince your friends and family to commit themselves to make a commitment which would positively impact the world we live in? Whether it’s walking to work instead of driving or saying that they will recycle. Now, what are YOU willing to do to make sure that they make that promise?

From jumping into the ocean during winter to a vow of silence, we want you to upload your personal challenges on the Earth Hour YouTube platform. You can then encourage your friends and family to accept your challenge by sharing it via Facebook, Twitter (#EarthHour hashtag), Google+ and email. Check out some of the ideas already posted on YouTube for inspiration.

In the UK, the latest challenge has been set by Team GB Olympic medallists Heather Fell and Andy Triggs Hodge, who have vowed to train in each other’s sport if 300 people sign up to Earth Hour and switch off their lights. Andy will train with Heather as a pentathlete and Heather will train with Andy as a rower. This could be interesting…

The band McFly posted an IWIYW Challenge saying that they would do something in the dark in their panda onesies if 10,000 people ‘Like’ the Earth Hour Facebook page. If you haven’t seen these guys showing their support in their panda onesies yet, then you should check this out!

There have also been challenges set by individuals across the world. For example, Hollywood star and Co-Founder of the Honest Company Jessica Alba, has agreed to let her children dress the Honest Company employees for a day if 10,000 commit to using non-toxic products in their home.

His Excellency the President of Fiji promised to take part in a 30 kilometer walk if, ‘five corporations, five NGOs and five government departments make a public commitment to visibly implement an action plan that will benefit the environment’ (sic).

'jon and sam earth hour'Jon and Sam, the firemen, promised to climb a 96 storey building in all their gear if 5000 people use public transport instead of their car to get to work for a week. No one is excluded from the challenge, through a single act you could inspire thousands of others to take action, so remember, those who dare… win!

The media in South Africa well and truly got on board with WWF’s Earth Hour this year. With a host of South Africa’s media celebrities joining in on the ‘I Will If You Will’ challenge, it was a wonderful event. Weather broadcaster, Derek Van Dam, promised to ride his bike to work for a month, in rain or shine, if the Dave Matthews Band send him an autographed poster with the words ‘To our favourite weatherman…’! We love the way that people have taken the concept and run with it.

Shado Twala, a judge on South Africa’s got talent has also promised to DJ a 24-hour world music party if 1000 people commit to recycling. Simon Cowell you may wish to take note!

  • EmmaD26

    I have enjoyed watching the new years eve fireworks this evening, however wouldn’t it be great if for new years eve 2014, candles were lit around the world and the money spent on fireworks was donated to earth hour instead!