WWF’s Earth Hour around the globe

Thailand’s Wat Arun temple switches off.





 Hit play to watch a video of the Tokyo Tower switching off in Japan.

WWF’s Earth Hour is making waves on the Australian continent.

Here’s New Zealand people of Tauranga celebrating a brighter future.

New Zealand, Tauranga

New Zealand, kids in Tauranga celebrating our brilliant world

New Zealand, Tauranga, Earth Hour concert







The Auckland skyline went dark when the city tower switched off and many skyscrapers followed.

New Zealand, Auckland

New Zealand, Auckland



WWF-UK setting the stage for #EarthHour

Here in the UK, we’re preparing our own celebration by setting up our energy generating dancefloor.

Stay tuned for updates on this brilliant day!



Samoa, the last country to usually switch off has crossed the International Date Line and this year kicked off WWF’s Earth Hour.

Samoa Airport 8:29 pm

Samoa Airport 8:30 pm






Samoa, unplugged music jam

Samoa Earth Hour Crew celebrating our brilliant world

Samoa, our world is brilliant








This year, a record of 150 countries celebrated Earth Hour, with Libya, Algeria, Bhutan and French Guinea among those participating for the first time. We even made it into space this year, ESA astronaut André Kuipers will be watching from the International Space Station.

See what happened in your local area on our map and see what people had to say about this global phenomenon on Twitter by searching #earthhour.

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  • mitzipussacc


  • Shannon

    Where is New York??

    • RJ

      its too early for the lights to go off in New York!

  • Shannon

    I adopted a tiger two years ago with WWF and doing Earth Hour is just my way of saying to Kamrita(the tiger) there is a chance of surviving and I love you. !!!!! <3